Location Based Services

There are a range of ways that our Tech Team can bring Location Based Services into your business. In Maps we can advertise your store to people nearby. We can have them track your deliveries or your customer’s deliveries, find your devices and prevent fraud. We can even fold them into your social apps and mobile games so users can see other users.

We would relish the chance to learn all about your business and where you see Location Based Services bringing it. Once we understand this we’ll get to work on bringing you prototypes and iterating on it with your feedback until you have exactly what you want.

If you want to talk about how we build our Location Based Services then please get in touch for a Free Consultation.

Today, the sign of a great application or website is if they help you find their nearest store or service. Location Based Services are a brilliant way of making this happen. They use mapping tech to send information to your customers based on their real-time location.

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