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Social Media Marketing is a modern marvel for businesses around the world. It allows us to leverage our social media accounts to build an audience of loyal customers. This requires putting out the right plan, the right content and the right funnels to get them on your business’s doorstep.

Social Media lets us measure just how well those posts perform so we can plan what the audience wants to see in the future. This power to read a constant feed of data and evolve our strategies lets us build strong brands with wide audiences of reliable consumers.

Content Analysis & Strategy

We develop a content strategy that will capture the attention of your ideal customers throughout the entire sales journey. From discovering their biggest problems and how your products/services solve these problems to what content themes and formats they will respond to. Then we discover the content pillars that will allow us to show your solution to them as they go from awareness to consideration to purchase.

Content Creation

Once we have identified your target audience and analysed the best content to show them, we will create that content for you. We choose formats that your target audience will engage with and create engaging, valuable content that allows your business to stand out from the crowd. We answer your target audience’s concerns and questions and speak directly to them.

Content Distribution

We get your content distributed at optimum times to ensure the maximum viewing and engagement. Posting engaging content frequently is one of the ways to drive lead generation traffic to your site.

Your Brand’s New Avenue

Reach new audiences, boost your ROI, and gain key insights into your customer base by exploring the gamut of Social Media Platforms. With your distinct Brand voice and our range of Social Media Marketing services, prepare to grow your company in new exciting ways.

Social Media Marketing: In A Nutshell

Social Media Marketing is a modern marvel for businesses around the world. It allows us to leverage our social media accounts to build an audience of loyal customers. This requires putting out the right plan, the right content and the right funnels to get them on your business’s doorstep.

It is a different type of marketing to what we are used to. Rather than putting out a commercial or a poster and hoping our message gets a response, we use a platform that lets us interact with our audience directly, whether that be Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

We can engage them with all kinds of images, videos, polls- you name it. Social Media lets us measure just how well those posts perform so we can plan what the audience wants to see in the future. This power to read a constant feed of data and evolve our strategies, lets us build strong brands with wide audiences of reliable consumers.

Social Media Management Is Your Brand’s Next Step

Social Media has seen a meteoric rise over the past 20 years. It has become a dominant part of our lives with over 4.5 billion people having one or more accounts across various platforms. The likes of Facebook, Twitter and TikTok have grown to a global scale with hundreds of millions of users joining them each year. The outreach there is mind boggling and, what’s more, we average more than 2 hours a day browsing, posting and sharing on these apps.

When you look at ways to grow your brand, if social media isn’t the top of your list yet then you’d best put it there. You can build brand-trust, target new consumers, re-engage former customers, and even learn exactly how people find your service.

Are You Struggling On Social Media

Social Media is complicated and time consuming to master. But managing it with precision is essential to increasing your business’s revenue, developing brand loyalty and engaging new consumers. This is why Multinational Companies throughout the world rely on skilled industry veterans to manage their accounts.

Consider turning to accomplished Social Media Marketers to get you through these challenges as well. It is worth reaching out if you are feeling:

  • Uncertainty on where to begin or what tech to use.
  • Confusion at the theory behind Tags, Trends etc.
  • Overwhelmed by the slew of processes to execute a successful campaign.
  • Annoyed at wasting your money on ads but not seeing enough ROI.
  • Frustrated at spending your time developing content but being met with little engagement.

Let’s work together on turning those struggles into robust returns for your company. Partner with us today.

Why Your Business Should Be Using Social Media Marketing Services

Supercharge Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns and Drive More Sales
Boost Your Revenue

A foremost reason to put your time and effort into Social Media Marketing is that it offers incredible return on investment. With a low threshold on price you can promote your entire range of products and services to a technically limitless audience. Social media offers you a worldwide network to market to, so whatever size your company is it is a cost effective way of reaching new clients that can be converted into your revenue stream.

Steady Data Stream

Your content can be the most engaging out there, but if it doesn’t target specific demographics, involved in the right activities, at the right time of day, you are going to struggle to convert people into regular customers. Social Media allows you to access a consistent source of data on your audience and their categories. With this information at hand you can learn the behaviours of your audience and tailor appropriate content to them.

Channel To Your Business

Social Media has asserted itself as a dominant first step in the consumer journey. It is the first wink in the chain that brings clients through your online shop and to your point of sales. Social Media offers a plethora of modern tools to achieve this. Audience reviews build confidence as they continue their path to a purchase. Tailored content re-engages them with your sales pipeline. Strong, assured copy on your account with clear pathways to your offerings makes the journey as smooth as possible for your clients.

Brand Strengthening

Everytime you put out your brand alongside valuable content for our customers to engage in, we build trustworthiness in our brand. Consistent exposure is key to developing the familiarity that consumers need to make purchases from you. Positioning your social media to show off your company’s successes is the best practice for building a strong brand that proves your experience and validity to crowds of new loyal consumers.

New Company Front

Before making a purchase, 75% of people investigate a company’s social media. It is important then that visitors to your different platforms see a well-crafted account. One reassures them that they are dealing with a team of professionals. Whether you are B2B or B2C, you get the opportunity to make a new virtual premises for your company. One that consumers can visit and then feel confident in purchasing your service.

We will manage your social media for you, so you can focus on business development!

Scheduled & Evaluated Posts

We craft posts across the suite of platforms that your company needs to have a voice on. We research the most impactful and relevant tags to ensure your posts get the traction they need to push your company forward. Afterwards, the success metrics of the posts are reviewed to better plan future posts that showcase your brand in the best light.

Crafted Images

Our Designers and our Account Strategists team up each month to deliver you with 6 to 15 beautifully composed images to attract new people to your brand. A well illustrated message in your images is essential to new customers understanding your brand. Our designers are also ready to optimise any key images your accounts already use across your various social platforms.

Digital Audit

As part of our onboarding processes, our Account Strategists will review all of your social media accounts, searching for areas that need improvement as well as your company’s past triumphs that need to be capitalised on. They will analyse the key metrics of your audience demographics and avatars, as well as the exploits of your closest competitors. This all leads to developing a strategy that’s ready for success.


Google, Bing, Yahoo and Social Media search engines require extensive keyword and tag research to ensure that customers find your page and services. We conduct thorough examinations of the essential words to place in your posts and optimise to perform well across all the search engines out there. This helps customers get to your shop and sales team as quickly as possible.


In business, knowledge is power. So each month or week, our Account Strategists will contact you with reports on all the latest data and insights from your social media pages. This helps you to gain insight on what your customers engage with most and where to focus your efforts in the future.

Post Boosting/Promotion

To make the most out of your social media channels’ potential, it is best to consider boosting previously successful posts or promoting well crafted posts that best present your offerings. Our Account Managers will consult you on what budget would best suit your accounts and what you can get with it. They will monitor your posts each month boosting those that happen.

Marketing Various Networks

The types of networks that your company will perform best on is dependent upon the types of services that you provide as well your previous branding. Our Account Strategists will consult with you and advise on the best platforms for you to invest in. Our designers, strategists and researchers will help you thrive across a number of social platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

Enhance Your About Section

Strong copy that speaks to your brand is perfect for signalling to consumers that there is a team of highly skilled professionals behind your company who are clear on their passion and their offerings. The copy that achieves shouldn’t be restricted to your company website however. It has to start with your Social Media accounts We will analyse all of the text you have on your accounts and ensure it all speaks with a consistent brand voice.

Respond To Social Messages

To ensure that you are fully engaged with your audience, it is important to answer any queries that they have. Doing so in a meaningful way that is true to your brand voice is key to increasing their chances of getting to your sales point. What is more, is that it ensures they have a good experience with your company, opening them up to leaving a glowing review.

Why You Choose AmharcTech For Your Social Media Marketing Services

Cutting Edge Research & Software

Our team works with industry leading software at all points of our development processes. Whether it is new tech for meticulously planning your tags & keywords, or designing your images to be as magnetising as possible. We are always pushing the limits of what we can achieve through new, innovative approaches.

What’s more, our marketing team is always conducting research into your business and your competitors. As we understand what successes and failures were experienced by others in your industry, we can build a better foundation with which to push your company forward.

Custom Built Strategies

To make sure that you see the maximum ROI from your Social Media Marketing Campaign, our Account Strategists consult with you first on what specific goals your company needs to achieve. This allows us to map out the necessary steps to get you there from tagging to scheduling to content planning.

Each campaign you run should have different desired outcomes and varying measurements for your success. Whether you are a start up, an SME or a multinational company, our team has the experience and professionalism to ensure you make it to your goals and have the best data to move you to your next one.

Dedicated Account Strategists

Over the course of your campaigns, we will have a variety of people working with your brand, whether they be designers or marketers. To ensure you have a cohesive brand strategy for your social media accounts, it’s important that your ideas and our expertise meet within one person.

Your Account Strategist will analyse all of our data and use it to get you to your company’s goals. They are in charge of your account, planning where you should expand your presence and what your next steps should be. They will respond to any questions or concerns you have as they help you become the next big thing on social media.

Highly Involved Projects

From the moment you decide to partner with us, our Account Strategists will arrange a meeting with you and begin building a friendly and trusting working relationship. They will talk to you about our processes, how they work and learn all they can about your business.

We will make sure to provide frequent reports on all of the most important metrics to you; engagement with your site and socials, what tasks were performed, how much time & money was saved, how we should evolve the brand.

We will also pre-approve posts and actions for the month by you and your team. We want you to always be briefed on what is happening on your accounts. This can lead to insightful input on the approaches we take with your brand.

Our SEO Packages

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Key Phrases A set of essentials to get your small or personal business off the ground and heading to success. A must have range of services that effectively pushes your brand and ensures a strong turn around for your business Our full suite of Social Media Marketing services with fully involved Account Strategists to guarantee great brand success.
Posts per month 12 posts per month 20 posts per month 80 posts per month (split between Facebook, Instagram & Two other platforms of your choice)
Crafted Images 6 Crafted Images 10 Crafted Images 15 Crafted Images
Dedicated Social Media Account Strategist
Audit Basic Audit Full Digital Audit Full Digital Audit
Post Audit Recommendations
Social Media Competitor Analysis
Reporting Monthly Reporting Monthly Reporting Weekly Reporting & Analysis
Marketing Facebook & Instagram
Monthly metric Reviews & Target Adjustments
Regular Scheduling Optimisation
Response to Messages on Social Media Platforms
Enhanced About Sections
Cover & Profile Photo Optimization
Full Social Media Strategy
Customer Response Time in 48 Business Hours or Less
Community Nurturing
Personal Social Media Consultations Once Per Month
Competition Analysis
SEO Analysis & Actionable Plan
Regular Advice & Feedback

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