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At Amharc Tech We Follow A Simple Process That Combines Methodology, Management And Relationship To Execute Each Of Our Projects Professionally. We Love To See Your Business Growing Hence Pay Attention To Every Single Detail Of It. What Your Business Is About? What It Does? What You Dream It To Be? And The Most Important One Why It Is Different Than Others.


Requirement Gathering

The discovery phase is where we discuss about your business. Understand your business and clients, identify your business needs, asses your competitors, talk about suitable project, determine project limits and set estimated budgets.

Planning & Analysis

A planning phase, where we analyze the gathered requirements for further strategies. After analyzing things we define and assemble project details on paper, create blueprint, generate a website map and develop wireframes for project management plan to get success.


Design & Visuals

A phase where we craft user experience through graphics, photographs and visuals designs. We simply transform defined requirements of website map in to system design with the help of attractive graphics and visual effects.

Coding & Programming

The development phase is important because we bring design to life. We develop website code, do programming, integrate database and also optimize code for SEO purpose.


Quality Control & Testing

During this phase we verify, monitor, & test whether our deliverables are meeting our internal quality standards and reliability. Our test procedures are completely implemented & exit criteria meet the test plan. After testing all the left over issues are documented with resolution dates.


The final approved website is now ready to get uploaded and launched in the real world. In this phase key launch milestones are completed per the deployment plan and make the website Live on the world-wide-web for the use.

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Our Latest Website Design Projects

Our talented mobile app professionals developed user-friendly apps in various industries. Check out our latest mobile app development projects.

Cafe Marmalade

Cafe Marmalade is a culinary destination that has been delighting taste buds for years. Rooted in a family-run tradition of catering expertise that dates back to the 1990s, Cafe Marmalade is known for its exceptional offerings. Notably, the cafe’s layout boasts an open-plan kitchen, thoughtfully designed to allow patrons a clear view of the high standards they consistently maintain.

Agua Clean

Agua-Clean Services is a prominent company that originated from the vision of Paddy Ward in 1976. Initially known as Grange Cleaning Services, the company has undergone notable growth and evolution over the years. In 1998, it rebranded as Agua-Clean Services, coinciding with the introduction of the innovative Reach & Wash System for window cleaning in Ireland.

iDare Space

iDare Space is an initiative that champions the advancement of commercial space endeavors and, notably, space tourism. The core principle driving iDare Space is the redirection of resources toward the development of transformative technologies. These technologies have the potential to avert the repetition of catastrophic events akin to the misfortunes experienced by the dinosaurs

Browne Solar Electric

Browne Solar Electric is a Dublin-based family business specialising in solar power installations in Leinster. We originally started out doing domestic and commercial electrical installations, which still runs along side our solar division.

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